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Andy & Ariana
Andy & Ariana - Photo by Bruce Dienes

Now based in Wolfville, Andy Flinn and Ariana Nasr have been making music together for more than 12 years. During that time they have released six CDs, a DVD and a number of music videos under the name Thugs at Bay (or t@b). As well, they have travelled and performed extensively across Canada and overseas, while remaining strong favourites in the local music scene.

“Ariana’s captivating vocals move easily across a mix of roots, jazz, world and contemporary songwriting. She further explores melody with saxophone and violin. Andy fascinates audiences with his polymetric rhythms as he beat-boxes, plays guitar, and uses his heels to play the drums” (www.tabmusic.ca).

With their hands full of instruments, and their hearts full of song, the folky duo conveys a zest for life and has audiences clapping and tapping along. Deep Roots is happy to have Andy & Ariana share their talent and energy with us at this year’s Music Festival!

For more visit: www.tabmusic.ca

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