Swallow’s Nest – 1702 Church Street, Port Williams
July 4, 2011, 8:00pm (house opens at 7:00pm)
Tickets: $25.00 – available at The Odd Book, 112 Front Street, Wolfville.
SPACE IS LIMITED! (Maximum capacity is 55 people.)


Mary Gauthier, one of the very best American singer-songwriters, is coming back to the Valley to perform an intimate concert at Swallow’s Nest, a wonderful and architecturally unique house owned by TapRoot Farms, located at 1702 Church Street, Port Williams (next to Foxhill Cheese)

For this concert, Mary will be accompanied by the great Canadian violinist, Tania Elizabeth. Those who attended the May 23 concert by Steve Poltz, at Swallow’s Nest, know that it is a magical venue for an intimate concert. For more details and to reserve (if you cannot buy your ticket at The Odd Book), contact Francois Cote at .


Widely hailed as one of the most important american songwriters to emerge in the last 15 years, often compared to Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams, Mary Gauthier is a “truth singer”, an Artist who sheds light on our human condition with uncompromising honesty. Spending an evening with Mary Gauthier is cathartic and life-affirming. It can even be life-changing…

As many of you will remember, Mary headlined the Deep Roots Festival in 2007.

Learn more about Mary Gauthier here :

Learn more about Swallow’s Nest here:

Please Note: this is not a Deep Roots Music Cooperative event but we felt this is worth a mention!

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