Unisson came together as a group, in 2008, to play for passing tourists wanting to hear local music in the municipality of Clare, Nova Scotia. Sébastien Dol (fiddle, guitar, vocals), Carmen d’Entremont (fiddle, voice, triangle and spoons), Simon Robichaud (guitar, mandolin and vocals), and Francis Robichaud (percussions, drums) had all been playing in restaurants for the summer program Musique de la Baie, since its inception in 2001, as well as at numerous festival stages.

According to Germaine Comeau “Unisson is like a well-aged spiced wine with bouquets of jig, traditional, Cajun, down-east and bluegrass rhythms and served with the best Acadian comfort food.” Fans have described them as being ‘a Cajun Country band that is very professional’. (Facebook)

Unisson recorded its first full-length self-titled album in 2010. Reflecting the diversity of styles these musicians interpret, original Acadian songwriters to powerful Cajun ballads, to east coast traditional toe tapping fiddle to Irish jigs are all there.

Unisson was honoured to be one of the only non-Cajun groups ever to be invited to play the Festivals Acadiens et Créole in Louisiana (October 2011).

Unisson met with great reviews at Deep Roots in 2011 and we are very excited to have them back with us this year. It will be exciting to see what happens when they meet up with Grouyan Gombo – some musical sparks are gonna fly, not to mention the step dancing that could break out. Brace yourselves for a musical party that you won’t soon forget!!

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