Djugdjug Ensemble
Djugdjug Ensemble

Propelled by the pulsating power of purple, Djugdjug Ensemble combines traditional West African songs, rhythms, arrangements, and at times, dance with other musical and theatrical ideas to provide energetic and eclectic performances.

Booming with the sound of djembes, dununs, horns, bells, shakers, and voice, the ensemble performs on the stage, in the park, on the street, and wherever else sound will carry! Led by Bruno Allard, the members provide drumming workshops (almost) every Saturday afternoon at the Wolfville Baptist Church or Clock Park.

At the Deep Roots Music Festival this year, Djugdjug Ensemble will conduct our All Ages Rhythm workshop and then lead us in the Fresh Beats Rhythm Parade. On Deep Roots Saturday morning, join Djugdjug Ensemble at the Clock Park, find your “beet” and be part of the excitement and fun that is the pulse of the festival!

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