10th Anniversary Festival kicks off with two great events!

2013 Deep Roots Music Festival

Jesse Winchester at King’s Theatre, Annapolis Royal
$22 in advance – for tickets contact Kings Theatre online or call (902)532-7704

World music documentary: Road to Baleya
Free film screening at Al Whittle Theatre. A rare glimpse into a traditional African society where music and cultural expression are some of the glue that still holds it together – Malian musician Mansa Sissoko and Canadian musicians Lewis Melville, Dave Clark, Dale Morningstar and Tannis Slimmon travel to Mansa’s home village of Baleya in the beautiful southwest hill country of Mali, West Africa. Melville is a multi-instrumentalist and a music producer, who has come to offer free recording sessions and instruments to local musicians. Sissoko is returning for the first time since leaving as a small boy; his return triggers three days of musical ritual, dancing, ceremony and celebration. After the film, please join us in a lively discussion with festival artists Tannis Slimmon and Lewis Melville.

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