You can now check out  the festival schedule and get a great taste of the delights we have in store for you at this year’s Deep Roots Music Festival!  

 Our 52 page booklet and schedule insert are the products of numerous talented people.   Our special thanks go out to:

  • Donna-Lynne Holmes – who coordinated the whole thing and has an amazing eye for detail
  • Rebecca Fairless – our Assistant Festival Coordinator, who handled many small bits of information and ad files and photos and kept them all straight
  • Laura MacDonald of Deep Hollow Print – whose graphic design skills make it all look so marvelous (and who added editing skill to our team as well)
  • Gary Dunfield and his team at Gaspereau Press, who will soon have our booklet and schedule in print.

Thank you to all of you for making Deep Roots look so good!

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