Deep Roots Music Festival 2017 … what a weekend that was!

2017 Deep Roots Music Festival News

Great music.  And stories.  And musical discoveries.

Great weather.

Friendly, engaged participants at shows, in the streets, at the workshops.  Smiling faces everywhere.

Dancing, and camaraderie. 

More great music.

Were you there?

Someone usually says … this one was the best one yet!  Was it?  Do you have any comments/suggestions that didn’t get written down on a festival survey, the paper version?  Some people requested that we post the survey online so they could fill it out that way.  We are happy to accommodate since we are always eager to hear about people’s first hand experiences … any and all critical feedback is gladly received. 

If you didn’t get a chance to complete the survey during the weekend or you are one of those preferring this online method,  download the survey and email completed form to … the sooner, the better.

Let the planning for 2018 begin …

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