Winona Wilde
Winona Wilde

Sunday Afternoon Main Stage, Sept. 30th, 1pm, Festival Theatre

From the obscure underbelly of Canada’s dive bar circuit comes Winona Wilde, secret code name of Canadian singer-songwriter Noosa Al-Sarraj. A former lawyer/opera singer/dishwasher and huge fan of country music, Al-Sarraj one day absconded from all things real-life to dive head first into touring musicianhood, her true calling and lifelong torment.

She has in her arsenal a spontaneous and disarming stage presence and a sturdy song craft that inevitably brings the audience face to face with its darkest fears and hidden hurt. And to be sure, all those years of road dogging have infused the show with an honest yet bizarre sense of humour.

Winona Wilde shines a light onto heavy topics such as the end of the world, gender parity, capitalism and aliens, amongst other things. And as she continues to churn out material, she fights to have her voice included in the male-dominated canon of Canadian folk music.

As described by one festival director, the effect of her live performance can be spellbinding: “Winona Wilde is a champion of the underdog, a blue collar heroine. Demigod of the downtrodden, she calls us all in, together, using the precision of her well honed voice and her captivating charm, she opens us up and shows us what we’re made of. Messy and sparkling we get to leave the theatre together, intact, illuminated and staring our humanity in the face.

Prepare to be spellbound at this year’s Deep Roots Music Festival.

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