Chris Robinson

Sponsored by Colby Clarke

Fri., Sept. 27, 1:40pm: Festival Tent
Fri., Sept. 27, 10:00pm: Paddy’s Pub

Sat., Sept. 28, 10:45am: Farmers’ Market
Sat., Sept. 28, 1:30pm: 
Geometry of Songs: Circles, Triangles and Squares, Al Whittle

(PLEASE NOTE, Chris Robison will be at Paddy’s on Friday, not Saturday as indicated in the festival schedule.)

After growing up in Port Colborne on Lake Erie, Chris decided to give ocean views a try.  Living in the Annapolis Valley has shaped his lifestyle and his songwriting.  He released an album in 2010 called Bad Songs and is in the process of putting out more music as we speak (coming to an internet near you).  You can catch Chris playing his own songs frequently at the Rolled Oat Cafe here in town or playing guitar/bass with other valley musicians. 

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