Marla & David Celia

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Saturday 2:30pm, Festival Theatre; Saturday 7pm, Festival Theatre; Sunday 10am, Festival Theatre


Heady, summery ’70s vibe, Spector-esque drumbeats and strummed chords with a splash of Nilsson eccentricity – Marla & David Celia are back on tour with their second album “Indistinct Chatter”.

With duet vocal harmonies in the foreground, they dive through progressive chord changes, elaborate arrangements and round it all off with well-crafted ballads. The lyrics circle around our lives in the present, during times of overproduction, corporate greed and today’s disposable culture, capitalism and the desire to see change. The album title is a reminder that often the whisper is far more effective than the scream.

Music brought Marla & David Celia together when they met at a festival in 2015. They later shared the stage for other shows in Germany and naturally started accompanying each other. Their chemistry was magnetic and soon David was producing Marla’s first record at his studio in Canada. He also released his latest solo album during that time which led to their continued performances all over Europe.

Not only did their vocal harmonies blend warmly, but so did their love for one another and they began writing and recording music as a duo.

Their debut Daydreamers (2018) has taken them from L.A. to Russia and England’s famous Glastonbury Festival. In the last 6 years they have played over 800 shows together.

Marla & David Celia – ”Clowns Everywhere” (Official Video)

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