Sponsored by Schoolhouse Brewery

Saturday 11:55pm, Devour Studios

Two decades on from the end of the 1980s, Height Requirement was formed to replicate live on stage, the iconic tunes of that magical decade that you may still hear on the radio today.

Height Requirement is a dance party band that plays hits from the 80s specializing in weddings and private functions.  Our music includes the likes of the super-groups, power ballads and one-hit-wonders that we all love to sing along to.

Revisiting a diverse range of music from the 80s with a smorgasbord of instruments and modern technology has helped Height Requirement create an authentic live sound that will bring the 80s vibe to any party. The fun that we have re-exploring the tunes from our past has also been known to cause people to turn up to our gigs in oversize tops, acid wash jeans, leg warmers and headbands!

Height Requirement (sampler)
A retro smorgasbord of top 80s tunes!

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