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Friday 10:30pm, Paddy’s Pub; Saturday 11:30am, Farmers’ Market;  Sunday 1:35pm, Festival Theatre

Jamie left his home in Nova Scotia at the age of 17 after a less than stellar record of academic achievement (grade 8) to join the Canadian Navy where he was posted in Esquimalt, BC.

After 2 and a half years of being sea-sick throughout the Pacific Ocean, Jamie quit the navy and moved to Vancouver to pursue his real passion, music…

He formed several bands and in 1982 met teenage run-away Sook-Yin Lee who wanted to learn how to sing, so together with Jamie’s old shipmate Bernie Radelfinger and harmonica player Pete Lizotte, they formed Bob’s Your Uncle.  BYU spent the next 14 years touring North America playing with the likes of JJ Cale, Sarah MacLachlan, Hole, Bare Naked Ladies and The Tragically Hip.

In 1998 Jamie moved back home to NS where he lives with his wife and daughter. He continues to write, record, perform and teach music.

make a livin not a killin
This song was inspired by Utah Phillips Quote “Make a living, not a killing”
Lyrics by Jamie, Tina Briggs and Bobbie Briggs. Rap by Andy Flinn

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