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Sponsored by Paddy’s Brewpub & Rosie’s Restaurant

Saturday 2:30pm, Festival Theatre; 9:25pm, Festival Theatre

Jim Cuddy has received some of Canada’s highest honours, both as an esteemed solo artist and as a member of the legendary band Blue Rodeo. He is an Order of Canada recipient, multiple JUNO Award winner and a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and Canada’s Walk of Fame. He has released five solo albums, and his latest single “Good News” was recorded and released in August 2020 as a direct response to our collective need for “some good news”.  Jim has been an advocate for music education as a spokesperson for MusiCounts initiatives and was the driving force behind the creation of JUNOCup annual charity hockey game. He is also the Musical Director for Canada’s Great Kitchen Party, a social enterprise which raises money to elevate and celebrate Canadian culture in sport, music and food.

He is proud to be joined by his sons, Devin Cuddy and Sam Polley.

Devin Cuddy has always made music his way, and some might argue, the hard way. From the moment Devin was drawn to playing music, he was determined to get as close as possible to the sources of all the sounds he loved, whether they were made by rock and roll’s founding fathers, the Grand Ole Opry’s honky tonk heroes, or Jelly Roll Morton and the kings of jazz. Mastering those styles was only taking things halfway, though. The most important lesson Devin learned from his dad was that the way a musician truly develops their craft is in front of audiences. From his home base at the Cameron House, the Queen Street West club that has long been the epi-center of Toronto’s roots rock scene, Cuddy has done just that on almost a nightly basis. At the same time, he has helped cultivate a growing contingent of like-minded young musicians to slowly but consistently spread the word coast to coast.

Being the youngest member of a musical family, Sam Polley grew up in the music industry, but took his own time to join the family business. Forming Sam Polley and The Old Tomorrows in downtown Toronto in 2017, Sam Polley surrounded himself with local musicians he knew had similar musical interests, recruiting brothers Tally and Gianni Ferraro (bass and drums), and veteran players, Fraser Melvin (Electric Guitar) and Jeff Giles (Piano/Keyboard). The band quickly meshed and played their first show to a sold out Cameron House Crowd. Now, Sam Polley and The Old Tomorrows have finished their debut album, Time Forgot, drawing their sound from 50’s and 60’s rockabilly licks, old country twang, and Motown swing, blending genres to create an upbeat boogie with groovy hooks. 

When Jim and Devin and Sam join forces it is a special evening of stories and songs for all to enjoy.

Jim Cuddy and sons: Growing Up Cuddy

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