Friday 11:30am, Just Us! Festival Tent; Friday 2pm, KC Irving Garden Room (Artist@Acadia)

Sandy-Lynn Fisher is a Community Services Officer with the Glooscap First Nation. She will lead the Sacred Smudge Ceremony for the Deep Roots community on Friday at 11:30 am. Sandy-Lynn and two of her children will share their experience as artists, their cultural knowledge and stories at Artists@Acadia, Friday at 2pm.

Lily-Beth Fisher is a young Mi’kmaw from Glooscap First Nation, an aspiring artist, fancy shawl dancer, and climate activist. At the 20th Acadia University Truth Before Reconciliation Mawiomi, Lily-Beth collaborated with world renowned Mi’kmaw artist and storyteller, Gerald Gloade.

Morgan Joseph is a 12 yr old young Mi’kmaw. He participates in cultural events demonstrating the grass dance.   He has also performed the Honour Song and has drummed with Samqwan Boyz (Millbrook First Nation). 

During the Acadia Mawiomi, Morgan was tasked as an Elders Helper, specifically with the lighting and care of the sacred fire. Recently Morgan was an athlete for Team Mi’kmaq – Nova Scotia for the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG 2023). 

Lily-Beth will be discussing her mural work and recent art pieces. Morgan will demonstrate the grass dance.

Along with their mother, they will tell Glooscap stories and go into depth if anyone wants to know more about the Smudge Ceremony.

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