Deep Roots Events 2010-2013

Ian Janes CD Release Show

Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville
Wednesday, June 9th @ 8pm

Great news! Ian Janes has finally finished his new album, “Piece of Mine”.

Ian Janes

It’s been 8 years since Ian last recorded an album, a time during which his life has changed a lot. Ian reports that the actual recording was very quick and easy once he found the time to do it. (With two small children, finding time can be a challenge!) “Having a lot more on my plate has really forced me to maximize the time I have to write and record,” says Ian. “I’m really pleased with the result.”

To celebrate, Ian has planned two CD release shows. He’ll be playing all of the songs from the new album, “Piece of Mine”, accompanied by drums, upright bass and piano/organ. He’ll also be playing material from his first two albums.

The first show is in Halifax at the Carleton on Sunday, June 6th @ 9pm. For more info on the show and the Carleton visit

The second show is in Wolfville at the Al Whittle Theatre on Wednesday, June 9th @ 8pm. Tickets are $14.99 and are available at The Box of Delights book store in Wolfville (466 Main St) and online @ Ticketpro.

Ian has also just finished having a great new website built. There are audio clips from all three albums, show info, video content, as well as links to purchase through both itunes and Visit

Deep Roots Events 2010-2013

Blue Valentine Dance a Success

Blue Valentine Dance

February 13th’s dance at the Old O Barn was SOOOO much fun. The Hupman Brothers band (including Ryan and Scott, Mike Carrol, plus Bob Federer, Caleb Miles and Brian Chipman) were in fine form, and they were joined by special guest Scott Prudence. And much to our delight, the Hupman’s good friend Matt Andersen joined the band for a couple of songs in the final set.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to make our Blue Valentine Dance successful, and specifically I want to thank:

The Hupman Brothers, who partnered with us in putting on the event – basically they handled all the technical side of the program, and shared the publicity work with us. They let us do our fund-raising and were great sports about us taking over the microphone when we needed to announce something.

Brian Chipman for his work initiating the event and laying the groundwork.

Steve Slipp for poster design.

Valley Stationers, and Rick Clayton, for printing our posters for us.

Jim McLellan who helped with the organization of the event, printed the event signs, and hung posters.

Our cake-makers: Donna-Lynne M. Holmes, Prasado (Berta Klooster), Marie White, Jerusha Young, Linda Wheeldon, Lella Gmeiner, Gourmandises Avenue, and Paddy’s Pub. The cake donations were wonderful – so varied and so delectable. Our cake auction was great fun and it brought in $327.

The winner of the first 50/50 draw who kindly donated his winnings back to Deep Roots!! What a generous decision THAT was!

Marie Jardine for her ideas, for recruiting June to auctioneer for us, and for her help at the event including being one of the ‘Fancy Dancers’.

June Granger our auctioneer and one of the ‘Fancy Dancers’.

Oriana (Angie Jenkins)
for being one of the ‘Fancy Dancers’.

Peter Mowat for his help at the event.

A good time was had by all! In total we raised $452.

Many thanks.

Lisa Hammett Vaughan

Deep Roots Events 2010-2013


February 1, 2010 – Wolfville, NS – Deep Roots Music Cooperative presented Music for Haiti on January 30th at Festival Theatre in Wolfville and fundraised over $10,000 in support of UNICEF. With matching funds from the government this means more than $20,000 that can be used to help in the aftermath of January’s devastating earthquake.

The concert which included David Myles, Ian Janes, Finnan Haddie, The Keats, Sheva, Alice Stops Time, Eugene Cormier and Paula Rockwell was attended by over 300 people. Artist Holly Carr created a 4’ x 8’ silk painting live on stage which was later auctioned in the show along with tickets to this year’s Deep Roots Festival, two annual passes to Evergreen Theatre and a pair of tickets to Two Planks and a Passion’s Theatre Off the Grid helped to contribute over $2,000.

Peter Mowat, Chair of the Deep Roots Music Cooperative says, ‘We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the community when putting this fundraiser together. Our sponsors made it possible for us to give every dollar raised to UNICEF and we surpassed our own expectations. I would like to thank everyone who was involved as well as those that attended. The music was great and the outcome even better’.

Just Us! Coffee Roasters’ staff also helped to make a difference by giving their tips along with a matched donation to add to the final total. Acadia University supplied the venue and Long and McQuade provided the sound equipment.

John Humble, Atlantic Regional Director of UNICEF was at the concert to receive the cheque and said ‘UNICEF’s priorities are taking care of water supplies and sanitation along with protecting the children of Haiti from being abducted into other countries. This kind of support will help us to continue in our work to rebuild Haiti and ensure the safety of the children. I cannot believe how generous the people of Nova Scotia have been in this time of crises’.

Deep Roots Events 2010-2013
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