Deep Roots Musicians in Schools Program

This year (2019) our Deep Roots Artist in the Schools Program is rather special.   Elsie Morden, at 23-years old, is not only making her mark in the music industry as country singer and songwriter, but also as motivational speaker and CEO of “No Time For That Anti Bullying Society.”  As part of the 2019 Deep Roots Music Festival, Elsie will present an exclusive show in five schools around the valley.  Click and go for all the details here.

An important aspect of the Deep Roots Music Cooperative mission is to develop and promote music in the Annapolis Valley.    Music can be an important catalyst for learning, and as well, play a key role in supporting and nurturing engagement and self-esteem in children.  With this in mind, the Musicians in Schools Program has been developed to provide financial support towards musical initiatives in schools.  Our intention is to promote music by offering opportunities for local musicians to collaborate with students in our Valley schools.

Deep Roots Music Cooperative will offer a grant annually towards a plan that proposes to engage and inspire students musically.    The grant money must be used towards, but not limited to, supporting a local artist in the proposed plan.

Either a school in the Annapolis Valley or a local artist intending to work within a school or schools within the Annapolis Valley can submit proposals.

Interested parties must submit their request to the DRMC Board by the first Monday in October, with specific detail describing how the money will be used.   If a suitable request is not received by the deadline in any given year, the Board will consider requests throughout the year until a proposal is determined to be appropriate.  

Deep Roots Music Cooperative will work with the musician and the school to:

  • evaluate the program and
  • disseminate information on the project … both key and mandatory aspects of the grant process. 

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