DRMF Photo Schedule 2019

Please sign up for the events you prefer to cover.
Give an answer for EVERY slot (even if it is just "No".) If there are events left uncovered after everyone has signed up, I may ask you to switch a venue for a time slot.
Once you have enough photos to represent the event, you can move to another venue. Remember to photograph also the volunteers, Green Crew, signage, audience, ambiance, etc. Draft schedule is below the form for your reference.
DRMF wants volunteers to work 15 hours to qualify for meals and t-shirt. This includes the time you take at home to process the images. It would be helpful to meet briefly on the Wednesday afternoon before the event at Just Us! Wolfville to go over details and meet one another. See previous years' pix at http://deeprootsmusic.ca/festival-photos/
  • Number where we can reach you during the festival.
  • Indicate if/when you plan to eat at the Curling Club
  • Thursday

  • Artist in the Schools (across the Valley) with Elsie Morden. Contact me for deets if you are interested.
  • Steve Lee Trio plus Sam Wilson
  • The Song and the Sorrow - Catherine MacLellan at Horton Performance Centre, Greenwich.
  • Friday

  • KC Irving Centre with William Prince
  • Two sessions on Friday eve: Kings County Museum: Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers. Festival Theatre: Makayla Lynn; Rachel Beck; The Atlantic String Machine; Lindy Vopnfjörð; Erin Costelo
  • Saturday

  • Various free workshops
  • Puppet Show at the Festival Tent
  • Songwriter's Circle at Festival Theatre
  • Show for kids at the Festival Tent (Donna & Andy)
  • Geometry of Song (Al Whittle Theatre)
  • Open Mic at the Festival Tent
  • Songwriter Circle
  • Idle No More (Al Whittle Theatre)
  • Picnic Party & Concert happening at Tangled Garden, Grand Pre with Atlantic String Machine..
  • Terra Spencer; Coco Love Alcorn; David Francey; Madison Violet
  • Sunday

  • Rise Up Singing: Music As Medicine at Festival Theatre

DRAFT Schedule for 2019 (Do NOT circulate this – draft only!)

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Draft DRM