Deep Roots recognizes that September is an exciting time in the local community as Acadia students are returning to Wolfville, or arriving to the town for their first time. Taking part in Festival events is a great way for students to get to know their neighbouring community and immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture.

The Festival uses many venues on Acadia’s campus, and offers a range of activities that appeal to music-learners and music-lovers!

What’s Available to Students?

Attend an Event

We have great student rates for many of our concerts. We also have a number of free events, including Artists @ Acadia (Friday afternoon seminars with Deep Roots performers), music at the Festival Tent (Friday and Saturday at the Clock Park), and participatory workshops in singing, drumming and dancing.

For more information, view Free Events and Student Pricing.


We have many volunteer opportunities leading up and during the Deep Roots Music Festival. Acadia volunteers have been at the heart of the Festival’s Green Team from the very beginning; Acadia Environmental Sciences, Biology and Community Sustainability students have coordinated this initiative from 2008 to 2019.   As well, Acadia volunteers have helped out in the kitchen and Green Rooms, as stagehands and tech assistants,  first aid and office assistants, and have helped with fund-raising. There are lots of opportunities to have fun, contribute to the community, and gain a valuable reference when you choose to volunteer with Deep Roots!

If you’re interested in contributing your time, please fill out a volunteer application and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch.