Deep Roots Parade


Fabulous FREE events happen at Deep Roots Music Festival throughout the day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 


Clock Park

We all need live music. Bring a chair to the Clock Park and spend some part of the afternoon at the Festival Tent between 1pm and 4:30pm to enjoy festival artists performing. Be our guest!

Artists @ Acadia

Artists@Acadia brings you up-close and personal with festival performers for seminars with questions and answers.

Wolfville Library

If the weather is fine, the Annapolis Valley Library Wolfville Branch will host a concert on the former train station platform, behind the library, from noon till 1. Listen to festival performers, weather permitting.

Paddy’s Pub

Both Friday and Saturday nights there is free Deep Roots music at Paddy’s Pub, if you can manage to find a seat!

Deep Roots - Pretty Archie - musicians singing in a tent

Saturday Morning


Express your musical side – sing at the harmony workshop on Saturday morning with music therapists Sarah McInnis and Rebecca Fairless, at the Al Whittle Theatre.

Farmers’ Market

If you check out the Farmers’ Market on Saturday, 8:30am to 1pm, you’ll catch more Deep Roots music there. And, you should think about picking up some of the great local food choices for a picnic in Clock Park later – after the parade.  

Kids PLAY Music

Children under 7 and their adults can join Marilyn Manzer at the Baptist Church
vestry for an hour of playing, singing, clapping and dancing.


Djugdjug Ensemble will provide drums and training so you can participate in the drum circle at Clock Park.

Parade Prep – Crafts

Explore your creative side – prepare for the parade by either making crafts or putting on costumes and playing with giant puppets.

At the Just Us! Festival Tent in the Clock Park, artists from Ross Creek Centre for the Arts have exciting craft supplies – so you can make things like hats, masks and musical instruments that you can use in the parade.

Parade Prep – Puppets

Over in the Festival Theatre lobby, starting at 10 am, Wee Giant Theatre has magical costume pieces to share and will help you explore and express the character you develop.
For maximum enjoyment, please give your children the time they need to truly play and explore these pieces, to choose what really speaks to them, and to develop their character and movements, before the group leaves the building at 11:30 to go to Clock Park and joins in the parade.

Deep Roots Harmony Singing Workshop - singers leading audience singing
Deep Roots at the Wolfville Farmers Market

Saturday Parade

Join the fun

Whether you’ve participated in one of our morning workshops or not, come join the Fresh Beats Rhythm Parade at noon. It will be the most fun you’ve had all day, for sure.

Everyone gathers at the Clock Park at 11:35am bringing their own rhythm instruments, if they have them, and wearing their finery, a costume or just a wacky hat if so inclined.


Many folks have claimed that our Fresh Beat Rhythm Parade is one of the highlights of their weekend. It’s at the very heart of the Deep Roots Music Festival. At NOON … the parade in all its glorious colour and joyous noise begins. Many people walk or dance. Wheelchairs, bikes, wagons and strollers are welcome. All motorized traffic is stopped while the parade goes on.

Parade Prep Workshops

Since the morning includes a workshop to make hats, masks and instruments for the parade, you could be wearing the fantastic hat or mask you’ve just made, or be holding the rhythm instrument you’ve just created … or be wearing the Wee Giant costume you’ve just borrowed!

Parade Route

Leaving from Clock Park, the parade proceeds east on Main Street, turns left and goes north on Central Avenue, turns left again moving west on Front Street. A final left and a hop, skip and a jump south on Elm Street will bring us back to Clock Park and the Just Us! Festival Tent. Please stay in costume and gather for a GROUP PICTURE right after the parade finishes. (Route subject to change.)

Deep Roots Giant Puppet in Fresh Beats Rhythm Parade Wolfville NS

After the Parade

Clock Park

After the parade, enjoy free music at the Just Us! Festival Tent, as well as a puppet show for all ages.  There’s a kid’s music show and then an Open Mic … many reasons to hang around. (Open Mic sign-up is at 12:30 – are you a performer?)

Farmer’s Market

If you check out the Farmers’ Market (open until 1pm), you’ll catch more Deep Roots’  music there. And you probably won’t be able to resist picking up some of the great local food choices for your picnic later.  

Kids’ Music and
Puppet Show

After the excitement of the parade, a puppet show from Barlow and Bergen’s Music Box Theatre draws the children in and activates their listening ears.
Then there’s a kid’s music show to follow.

Group Picture and Costume Return

Please stay in costume and gather for a group picture right after the parade finishes. Cooperative play in costume is encouraged. This is one of many reasons to hang around in the Clock Park on Saturday afternoon. When you are done with your costume, please return it to the Wee Giants and help them pack it away in the bins at the Park.

What to bring

If you bring your own water bottle, we have water onsite for refills. Bringing your own chair is recommended.  Bringing a picnic along to enjoy while listening to the music adds to the fun!

Open Mic

Do you have a song to sing? Deep Roots listeners want to hear you! Scott Marsters and Hannah Clausen host our Open Mic at the Just Us! Festival Tent starting at 2 pm. Sign up with Scott or Hannah, at the tent, starting at 12:30 pm.

Deep Roots at the Clock Park, Wolfville NS
Deep Roots mother and child with ukulele watching puppet show

Saturday Evening

Saturday night you can hear more free Deep Roots music from festival performers at Paddy’s Pub. Come early to get a seat!

Deep Roots Corin Raymond at Late night at Paddy's Pub


Sunday …  starts with a great sing-along in the morning that is always uplifting and joyous.  Rise Up Singing! It’s free at the Festival Theatre – We just ask that you bring a food or cash donation to our local food bank.


Wolfville NS Sunday Rise Up Singing at Deep Roots

If the weather is REALLY wet …

September is usually beautiful in Nova Scotia, but… it could still rain.

Almost all of our venues are indoor and unaffected by adverse weather conditions, and all shows at the Clock Park Tent (except drum circle) will go on, rain or shine.

If the wind is too much, the Clock Park Tent events may need to be cancelled.

Volunteer in the rain at Deep Roots Music Festival