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The Deep Roots Music Cooperative welcomes your help in presenting the Deep Roots Music Festival in all it’s wonderful diversity and delight … a weekend of sound, colour, play, camaraderie, and so much more.  The Festival Volunteer Program offers opportunities to get involved in one or more areas that require reliable, committed community support.

Scroll down to bottom of page to find the Volunteer Application Form. Not sure how you want to participate?  Talk to the Volunteer Coordinator … we’ll figure it out.  Click here for an explanation of the volunteer tasks.

Volunteer Perks

In exchange for volunteering with Deep Roots Music Festival, you receive (or can choose to receive) the following benefits:

●  The experience of volunteering for a music festival – you will get to see some cool stuff depending on what your role is; discuss your requests with your team leader.

●  Deep Roots t­-shirt. Please provide your team leader with the size of t­-shirt you prefer.

●  Access to Festival Club (with your volunteer badge) – grab snacks and hang out. We encourage music and jamming, so­ feel free to join in if you aren’t working!

●  Meals – Volunteers can be given 1 meal for each shift worked. Meals are served at the Festival Club Meal Hall (Friday supper, Saturday lunch or supper). Tell your team captain if you expect to be wanting meals.  You must also have your volunteer badge to get into the meal hall!

● SORRY – for folks who volunteered in previous years: There will be no After Hours Party this year.

●  Half-­price ticket to the Deep Roots Revue (Saturday’s party from 10:30 till 1 am) – $10 for volunteers.

●  A free ticket to Sunday afternoon’s Festival Finale show. Let us know if you do not want it, so we know how many additional tickets we can sell. 

●  For those who work 30 hours (or more) during the year for the Deep Roots Music Cooperative, a complimentary ticket to the evening show of their choice (Friday OR Saturday at Festival Theatre). Make arrangements for your comp through your team leader by September 5th.

●  The fun of being part of something amazing.

●  Bragging rights.

●  A volunteer report or reference can be provided on request.

Discuss your volunteer schedule, expectations and perks with your team leader, and be sure you make arrangements with your team leader to pick up your volunteer badge before (or at) your first festival volunteer shift.

Billet Host Perks

●  The Deep Roots Billet Coordinator assigns perks to billet hosts as appropriate in each individual situation.

●  Billet hosts receive a badge that gives access to the Festival Club, plus free tickets to a Main Stage Show.

Volunteers are at the heart of what makes the Deep Roots Music Festival a success year after year. Click Here for a list of Volunteer Tasks with descriptions.

Volunteer Registration Form

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Deep Roots Music Festival, please fill out the appropriate fields in the form below,  indicating how you would like to be involved and noting any special skills or services you want to provide. (Let us know if you have up-to-date First Aid training!)

All information gathered is for festival use only. If you have any questions, please call the office at 1-902-542-7668.

If you want to volunteer with Deep Roots Music Cooperative on projects other than the festival (we have projects throughout the year), please complete the registration and make a note in the “Other Comments”, or contact our Volunteer Coordinator directly to discuss this further.