Donations can be rewarded with tickets to Deep Roots mainstage concerts. Please let us know if you can help out.

Here is what we need:

Flowers, fresh local fruit and finger food for our After Hours party and for performer Green Rooms.

Craft stuff – We have craft activities on Saturday morning in preparation for our famous Fresh Beats Rhythm Parade. We are glad to have lots of craft stuff for making Fancy Hats and Crowns, as well as rhythm instruments from recycled materials. As well we have craft and game activities (for festival goers of all ages) which take place concurrent with our mainstage shows (Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon). We welcome your donations of any appropriate craft supplies. Tempera paint, large sheets of paper, glue and masking tape are much appreciated.

Our ‘Fancy Hats and Crowns’ and ‘Beat your own drum’ workshops are made special by the type of craft materials people donate. Suggested items for hats include: Feathers, glitter, junk jewellery and beads. We also need a few large piles of newspapers – can you save some for us?

For the kids’ rhythm instruments, we want dowel pieces and other good sticks, jinglers (anything from beer caps to bells!), buckets and lids (they make good drums and tambourines!):

  • big coloured markers for decorating
  • big twist-ties, string, duct tape &/or packing tape
  • pieces of plastic water pipe to beat on drums
  • old junk cd’s and such for decorations
  • garbage can lids for cymbals
  • pieces of pine – 12in.x1in.x1/2in. for shaker sticks
  • hammers [rubber or kid-sized are ok] to nail the beer caps on to the shaker sticks
  • kazoos + pieces of plastic plumbing pipe to construct big trombones etc.

You can drop them off to our office (Main Street in Wolfville, downstairs from the Box of Delights) or email to arrange pick up.

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