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Thursday 7pm, The Annex (Canning); Saturday 1:30pm, Al Whittle

Citybilly, King of Canadiana Swing, Leader of The Yodelayhee Few, Zakary Miller has been called a lot of things, but when he was referred to as a “local phenom” by his Deep Roots peers in 2018, well he was just flattered.

Continuing his tradition of playing everywhere from the dooryards, causeways and bars of Nova Scotia, Zakary Miller is just glad to be allowed to yodel in public and be part of Deep Roots 2023!

The Friendly Heckler Podcast is hosted by Zakary Miller. Live on stage, he chats with Artists about so much more than music and art, while they interrupt him to play their songs. 

With several episodes already available streaming everywhere, with a wide range of incredible artists, The Friendly Heckler is the podcast where artists get a chance to talk more than the usual 15 seconds of banter they’re often given between songs. A chance to laugh and maybe even cry, anything can happen in these live recorded nights of song and conversation.

Join Zakary Miller at The Annex in Canning on Thursday (Sept 21) when The Friendly Heckler welcomes Factory Girls for this special Deep Roots episode.

Far From Home by Zakary Miller with Sarah McInnis

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