2013 Deep Roots Music Festival

2013 Valley Arts Award Presentation & Quotes

On Sunday, September 29th at Deep Roots Music Festival’s Closing Concert, Barbara Hansen received the 2013 Valley Arts Award.


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The award was presented by 13 year old pianist, Chantal Peng, who performed the Maple Leaf Rag and also explained why she nominated her teacher.

“Mrs. Hansen is a great teacher shown through her ideas, dedication, love for the instrument, encouragement and motivation. Mrs. Hansen is extraordinarily dedicated, patient and full of love, all combined with a great fashion sense. You feel super excited to go to your lessons!

Mrs. Hansen encourages you to step out of your shell – letting you compete at the local level, provincial, even the nationals! Mrs. Hansen is the greatest teacher ever!”

Ms Hansen was proud to say that a number of her students were able to attend the presentation, and others sent tributes.

It was a thrill to hear that my former teacher, Barbara Hansen, is this year’s recipient of the Deep Roots Arts Award. This award is given to someone who has “made a significant contribution to the Arts in the Valley”. I firmly believe there is no one within this community of musicians and teachers that better embodies this definition than Barbara!

I was fortunate to study with Mrs. Hansen from the age of 8 until I was 18 years old. These were formative years for me as a musician and a person. A decade as Barbara’s student taught me a lot! In fact, when I was first hired at Acadia one of my graduating students asked me what was the most important thing I had done to become a better musician. I replied honestly “piano lessons with Barbara Hansen”. Of course she taught me how to play, but she also taught me patience, diligence, self-awareness, confidence and determination. I needed all these skills to pursue my studies and continue my professional career.

Mrs. Hansen is a demanding presence and a spirit teacher. She is an energetic and passionate musician. Barbara is a thoughtful and loving mentor. She is also the best-dressed woman around! As a young child I was constantly chastising my mother for not dressing more like Mrs. Hansen. She truly was the hippest woman on the block and I aspired to be just like her!

I am pleased to call Mrs. Hansen my teacher, but even more honored to call Barbara my friend. She and I have found this wonderful new balance of friendship, family, love and respect. It is very rare to find this with a former teacher and I treasure this new stage in our relationship.

Congratulations to Barbara! A well-deserved honor indeed!
Dr. Christianne Rushton, Acadia University Music Professor and Performing Artist

Mrs. Hansen has had a tremendous influence in my musical life. What a treasure it was to learn such a healthy and beautiful technique in my early years. Her natural sense of artistry was balanced with a stylistic integrity, and she imbued this into her students’ performances. Looking back on her teaching style, I can see how her methods were extremely effective! Instinctually, she applied many of the pedagogical techniques that researchers have shown to be the most successful. But best of all, lessons were outrageously fun. She ultimately inspired me to study music in university, imparting her sense of passion and respect for the music. If I could, I would do it all over again.

Krissy Keech, Music Teacher

Barbara Hansen has a reputation locally and across Canada as a piano teacher of the highest standard. She is demanding and determined as she takes the raw material of a student and works week by week to draw out new heights of musicianship from them. But Barbara balances out her pursuit of excellence with her charming wit and her warm, nurturing concern. She is one of a kind.

Anyone who has studied with Barbara will remember the importance of arm circles, thinking to the end of a phrase, and practicing running passages in rhythms. Oh, yes, and numbering the sections of a piece and memorizing from the beginning of each one.

She can take a student who wants to work hard and turn them into an artist. It was a privilege to study with Barbara, and I am thrilled now that she is teaching my daughter.

Rebekah Maxner, Music Teacher and Composer

Mrs. Hansen is extraordinarily dedicated, patient and full of love, all combined with a great fashion sense. You feel super excited to go to your lessons!

Mrs. Hansen is a great teacher shown through her ideas, dedication, love for the instrument, encouragement and motivation.

Mrs. Hansen is pretty: she walks like a fashion model, dresses up like a movie star, talks like a TV host. You feel super excited to go to your lessons!

Mrs. Hansen encourages you to step out of your shell – letting you compete at the local level, provincial, even the nationals! Mrs. Hansen is the greatest teacher ever!

Mrs. Hansen is a true artist!
Chantal Peng, Piano Student and National Award Winner

Barbara Hansen gave me all the tools I need to succeed. She gave me patience, proper technique, the value of slow practice, the ability to express myself properly at the piano and the connections I need to advance my musical career. And when all else failed, she believed in me. I will be forever thankful for all that she has done for me.

Aude Urbancic, University Music Student

Barbara has been an integral part of my growth and success as a musician. From a very young age, she taught me how to develop good habits, a strong work ethic, and an attention to detail. More importantly, she made music fun, and I will never forget the many good memories and experiences we shared together. I also credit Barb with introducing me to and preparing me for music competitions at the National level. Her continuous support in her current and past students’ endeavours speaks volumes about her character and about how much she cares about her students’ success. It is without a doubt that Barbara deserves this award, and I wish her all the best.

Lucas Porter, Top 30 CBC Young Musicians in Canada and International Performer

2013 Deep Roots Music Festival

Deep Roots festival a spirited celebration

Source:  The Chronicle Herald – Stephen Cooke – Arts Reporter

Wolfville’s Deep Roots Music Festival is ostensibly an event that celebrates the sounds of folk, both traditional and contemporary, in all its varied forms.

But downtown passersby on Saturday might have been quicker to think of R&B legends Martha and the Vandellas’ immortal Dancing in the Street as the sun-bathed day wore on.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this weekend, the festival treated the public to rhythmic drums on Main Street in the morning, a colourful costume and giant puppet parade shaking a leg through the town’s core at lunchtime and a Turko-Balkan Folkdance session with Oro! Orchestra taking place outside the Wolfville Farmers’ Market.

On top of all that, Toronto’s 24th Street Wailers brought the afternoon showcases to a wild conclusion with a rocking rhythm and blues stompfest at the Clock Park Tent that had a handful of couples shimmying while saxman Jumpin’ Jonny Wong honked and squonked his way through the crowd with a wireless microphone affixed to the bell of his horn.

Crazy, man, crazy.

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Deep Roots Festival Club

Want to be part of the club???? If you buy a Deep Roots Festival Pass, you will have access to the Festival Club, which will be set up at the Curling Club (near the Farmer’s Market building) all weekend.

The Festival Club will be available to performers, volunteers, billet hosts, sponsors and PASS HOLDERS … “home base,” a place to hang out, grab a coffee or a snack and maybe catch some “behind-the-scenes” music (musicians can go there to tune up, rehearse, check set lists or just to chat and/or play a game of pool).

A First Aid station (kit and emergency numbers … hopefully, a trained first aid person) will also be set up at the Festival Club.

2013 Deep Roots Music Festival

Deep Roots Late Night Shows

The Deep Roots Late Night shows are particularly lively and usually sell out early. Musician David Carmichael, who has booked the acts for this year’s Festival, is excited about the wonderful collaborations in the making. Both nights are going to be rockin’.

“Cajun Heat,” a licensed dance party, happens at the Rafter’s Heritage Barn, Old Orchard Inn, Friday Sept. 27, starting 10:30 pm. Unisson, a great young Acadian band from Clare; David Greely, with his Cajun/Irish roots from Louisiana, and his more than 40 year love affair with the fiddle on stages all over the world; and Montreal-based Cajun/Zydeco band, Grouyan Gombo, with their savory gumbo of southern and northern traditions, will ensure temperatures rise on and off the dance floor. Georgette LeBlanc, writer-dancer-actor-author from Baie-Ste-Marie, will emcee this wonderful Cajun/Acadian collaboration.

Saturday night, again at 10:30pm, at the Rafter’s Heritage Barn, Old Orchard Inn, “Blues in the Night,” brings Ray Bonneville, with his deep-grooving blues style and bring-down-the-house performance reputation; and one of the most original and exciting young bands on the scene today, The 24th Street Wailers, together for what will be another memorable night of entertainment and dancing.

And just in case you need a little incentive … volunteer at this year’s Festival, and tickets to these two events are half price (only $10 per ticket and up to a maximum of four tickets per volunteer).

Buy Tickets Soon as the Deep Roots Late Night shows are particularly lively and usually sell out early.

2013 Deep Roots Music Festival

Information for Festival Volunteers

The Deep Roots Music Cooperative welcomes your help in the presentation of the Deep Roots Music Festival. The Festival volunteer program offers opportunities to extend a helping hand in one or more areas that require reliable and committed community support.

Click Here for more information and a Volunteer Registration form.

2013 Deep Roots Music Festival

2013 Deep Roots Music Festival Overview (subject to change)

For ticket information – click here.

September 26th

Thursday Evening Festival Kick Off:
1) Jesse Winchester at King’s Theatre in Annapolis Royal
2) ‘Road to Baleya‘ at Al Whittle Theatre, with Tannis Slimmon

September 27th

Friday Afternoon:
Artists@Acadia – TBD
Music at the Festival Tent

Friday Evening Main Stage:
Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Celso Machado, Tannis Slimmon, Laura Smith, David Myles

Friday Late Night at Rafters Heritage Barn, Old Orchard Inn – ‘Cajun Heat’:
Hosted by Georgette LeBlanc: Grouyan Gombo, David Greely, Unisson

Friday Late Night at Paddy’s Pub:
(Free – go early!) Mike Milne, Keith Mullins, Heather Kelday, Up Dog

September 28th

Saturday morning: Tons of free fun!

Saturday afternoon: Tons of free fun!
Afternoon concerts – 1 ticket for Songwriters’ Circle, Fiddle Fun, and more.

Saturday Evening Main Stage:
Jesse Winchester, Coco Love Alcorn, Ray Bonneville, Crabtree & Mills, Cuckoo Moon

Saturday Late Night at Rafters Heritage Barn, Old Orchard Inn – ‘Blues in the Night’:
Ray Bonneville, The 24th Street Wailers

Saturday Night at Paddy’s Pub:
(Free – go early!) Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Wine Hardt: Django Uncorked, Beautiful Wild Animals, Grouyan Gombo

September 29th

Sunday Morning Rise Up Singing:
Tannis Slimmon, Up Dog, Keith Mullins, Cuckoo Moon
(In support of the Food Bank – bring cash donation or non-perishable food item, please)

Sunday Closing Concert:
The 24th Street Wailers, Beautiful Wild Animals, Celso Machado, The Funtime Brigade, Heather Kelday, ORO! Orkestra

2013 Deep Roots Music Festival

10th Anniversary Festival kicks off with two great events!

Jesse Winchester at King’s Theatre, Annapolis Royal
$22 in advance – for tickets contact Kings Theatre online or call (902)532-7704

World music documentary: Road to Baleya
Free film screening at Al Whittle Theatre. A rare glimpse into a traditional African society where music and cultural expression are some of the glue that still holds it together – Malian musician Mansa Sissoko and Canadian musicians Lewis Melville, Dave Clark, Dale Morningstar and Tannis Slimmon travel to Mansa’s home village of Baleya in the beautiful southwest hill country of Mali, West Africa. Melville is a multi-instrumentalist and a music producer, who has come to offer free recording sessions and instruments to local musicians. Sissoko is returning for the first time since leaving as a small boy; his return triggers three days of musical ritual, dancing, ceremony and celebration. After the film, please join us in a lively discussion with festival artists Tannis Slimmon and Lewis Melville.

2013 Deep Roots Music Festival

2013 Canadian Deep Roots Music Festival Update

Press Release July 29, 2013

WOLFVILLE, NS – Once again there’ll be a marvelous blend of up-and-coming and tried-and-true performers on the festival stages the last weekend of September, at the Deep Roots Music Festival. Folk musicians and composers Jay Ungar and Molly Mason will return to Wolfville for the opening Main Stage on Friday night, September 27 to help Deep Roots celebrate its 10th anniversary. Jesse Winchester, a singer/songwriter with over 40 years in the music business, will be on stage Thursday night, Sept 26 at Kings Theatre in Annapolis Royal and on the festival Main Stage Saturday, Sept. 28 in Wolfville.

Another Festival Kick-Off event in Wolfville at The Al Whittle Theatre on Thursday night for those not going to Annapolis Royal will be a showing of the movie ‘Road To Baleya‘ which features Deep Roots performers Tannis Slimmon and her husband Lewis Melville. They will be on hand to answer any questions after the movie.

Hosting the two Main Stage concerts at Festival Theatre in Wolfville, Friday and Saturday evenings, will be rising stars David Myles and Coco Love Alcorn, both beloved by Deep Roots audiences. Other Main Stage acts include Cuckoo Moon, Tannis Slimmon, Laura Smith, blues great Ray Bonneville, and Crabtree & Mills. (Paul Mills, aka Curly Boy Stubbs: produced Stan Rogers recordings and recently Chris Hadfield while he was in space!)

Also returning to Deep Roots Main Stage is Celso Machado, a Brazilian musician/percussionist who engages audiences in creating rhythms and soundscapes. He will also give a free children’s performance during the festival. Everyone is invited to participate in free morning workshops of crafts, singing, drumming and Wee Giant puppets, or to join the colourful Fresh Beats Rhythm Parade down Main Street in Wolfville at noon on Saturday. There will be free music at the Festival Tent and a Dance Workshop on Saturday afternoon at the Wolfville Market with ORO! Orkestra.

The Deep Roots late-night dance parties are particularly fun; they usually sell out early. Musician Dave Carmichael, who returns for his third year as Program Coordinator, is excited to have put together the makings of a wonderful Cajun/Acadian collaboration. ‘Unisson, from Clare District, are a great Acadian band. I can’t wait for them to meet David Greely from Louisiana.’ A licensed dance party ‘Cajun Heat’ at the Old Orchard Inn Barn on Friday Sept. 27 will include Unisson, Greely, and Montreal-based Cajun/Zydeco band Grouyan Gombo. The gracious hostess for the evening is writer-dancer-actor-author Georgette LeBlanc, from Baie-Ste-Marie who earned her PhD from l’Université de la Louisiane in Lafayette. Saturday night the focus is Blues at the Barn, with Ray Bonneville and one of the most original and exciting young bands on the scene today, The 24th Street Wailers.

Dave is also very excited about a couple community outreach programs being developed and launched as pilot projects this year. ‘We plan to have a band camp ‘Be in the Band’ program in association with Ross Creek Centre for the Arts with The 24th Street Wailers; as well as a songwriting workshop headed by Keith Mullins and Heather Kelday at Horton High School – with a performance on Saturday afternoon at The Clock Park Tent.’

Sunday morning’s Rise up Singing is a sing-along with Festival artists in support of the Wolfville and Area Food Bank; admission is by donation of cash or non-perishable food item.

Rick MacNab, Heather Kelday, The 24th Street Wailers, Beautiful Wild Animals and ORO! Orkestra will be part of the closing concert on Sunday, Sept. 29.

The Festival Finale also features the presentation of the Valley Arts Award. This year’s winner has not yet been announced.

Deep Roots has always been known for the calibre of its talent and the number of opportunities for audiences and performers to enjoy ‘homemade’ music. The 10th anniversary is sure to be musical fun with something for everyone.

Tickets are available through any TicketPro outlet, including Wolfville’s Box of Delights Bookshop.

2013 Deep Roots Music Festival

2013 Festival Update

The excitement is building and you are invited to pick up the “beet” and join us for our 10th annual festival. Ten (10) years of bringing world class musicians from near and far to the stages of Acadia University, the Town of Wolfville and other venues around the valley…show your support as Deep Roots continues in its efforts to maintain the vibe in the valley.

Many performers are confirmed and we are getting bio’s up on this site. Although lineups are still subject to change at this point, here’s how some of it looks right now…

Friday, September 27th Main Stage:
Celso Machado, Tannis Slimmon, Laura Smith, David Myles, and Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

Friday Late Night “Cajun Heat”:
Georgette LeBlanc, Grouyan Gombo, David Greely and Unisson

Saturday, September 28th Main Stage:
Coco Love Alcorn, Crabtree & Mills, Ray Bonneville, and Jesse Winchester

Saturday Late Night:
Ray Bonneville, The 24th Street Wailers

An important detail to make note of about Main Stage…you, our patrons, gave the feedback and we’ve listened. Main Stage has moved. Both Friday and Saturday Main Stage events are now at the Festival Theatre. With this smaller, more intimate venue, we fully anticipate both nights will sell out.

Don’t be disappointed, get your tickets now.

2013 Deep Roots Music Festival
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